Another Fail for Obama’s Legacy

A very good piece on the situation in Venezuela.

Once a beautiful and prosperous country

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Here’s the legacy of Venezuela’s experiment with socialism: daily riots and protests that have resulted in at least 40 deaths in recent weeks at the hands of government security forces. Inflation estimated at 720 percent. Shortages of basic foods and medicines. An average weight loss among Venezuelans of 19 pounds, which had nothing to do with the South Beach diet. Newborn babies deposited in dresser drawers because hospitals have no beds. Zoo animals hunted down and butchered for food by the ravenous population.

Finally, this week, and only at the urging of the United States, the United Nations is considering the desperate situation in what was once South America’s most prosperous country, before socialism sank its fangs in, sucking the economy dry.

President Nicholas Maduro, a political stooge who assumed power after the death of the charismatic but egomaniacal Hugo Chavez, was forced earlier this year to ask the U.N. for emergency aid, an admission of his inability to keep his people fed and secure. And to show what a powerful institution it is, the U.N. took away Venezuela’s vote in the General Assembly because it could not pay its dues. Maduro must have been quaking with fear. When the Organization of American States criticized Maduro’s response to the unrest, he took decisive action – he pulled Venezuela out of the OAS.

Maduro’s response has been like that of the Emperor with no clothes. He blames his opponents for inciting violence. This from the man who – for now anyway – control the armed forces. The demonstrators have taken to hurling glass jars filled with feces, coined “poopatov cocktails”, at the troops. Not exactly a strategic balance of force.

A human rights monitoring group, Foro Penal, alleges that, perhaps in retaliation, political detainees in the western part of the country are forced to eat spaghetti with a sauce made of human waste.

The near-daily riots have turned deadly in recent weeks, as Maduro’s forces, propped up by Cuban security, resort to live ammunition against their fellow citizens. As my colleague at the Wall Street Journal Anatoly Kurmanaev reported this week from Caracas, the police are weary of killing their neighbors. Their support for Maduro – the only reason he is still in power – diminishes with each deadly demonstration.

“A lot of Venezuelans have become radicalized because they’re desperate,” Kurmanaev told me. “There’s no going back to how things were two months ago. Something is going to change. This is the final chapter of Venezuelan history, one way or another. Either Maduro will cement his rule by dictatorship, or there’ll be some kind of transitional government.  It can’t continue like this.”

For many aggrieved Venezuelans, that choice is an easy one.

John Moody is Executive Vice President, Executive Editor for Fox News. A former Rome bureau chief for Time magazine, he is the author of four books including “Pope John Paul II : Biography.


.”(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

Our president has put a pause on immigration from countries that have supported terrorism and that we have no way of properly vetting the people who are trying to come into this country.

The “main stream” media and the sheep of the  left that lap up their dribble at every chance, seem to think that our current President is a fascist.

Read the definition. Now, think about the past 8 years. Now, read the definition and think about the last 2 weeks.

Was Obama a fascist? Well, if you consider using the IRS and Justice to squash political opposition, if you consider the heavy handed policies of the EPA, if you consider his support for terrorist groups such as the Muslim brotherhood and black lives matter, his poorly veiled racism, his arming of so many government agencies like the Social Security Administration, the IRS, the department of the interior and the postal service to just name a few, well…

But of course, you would have to actually THINK about it but for some of you that would be difficult. After all it’s so easy to just follow the herd.


What IS their statement, actually?

Ive been reading where many are amazed at the “world wide statement” made by the Women’s Marches that have been happening lately.I have to admit at some amazement myself.
If we’re all to be honest, these marches are about the loss of the candidate that the marchers supported than actual women’s rights. I’m trying to think of the rights that women have been denied that men enjoy. Nothing is coming to mind.
They protest for the right to have an abortion…uh, that been the law for decades now not to mention they actually have one up on me there since it’s physically impossible for me as a male of the species, to have an abortion.

They protest for equal pay and an end to the glass ceiling…there are plenty of examples of this no longer being the case. ( presidential nominee, hundreds of CEO’s, first woman to run a successful presidential campaign , etc.)
They protest to end bigotry and gender bias …yet what we hear from them IS bigotry and gender bias.
 It seems to me, if they are truly concerned with women’s rights, they would have been protesting the nomination of the democratic nominee. You know, the one that stole the nomination from the old white guy.
Not only has she defended and protected her husband , who has admitted to sexual assault of several women and who we all know as a predator, but she readily accepted massive donations from countries where women are routinely subjected to all kind of physical and emotional abuse and even death for not adhering to the insane and dehumanizing laws of their middle eastern countires
Seems a bit hypocritical.
But to see this hypocrisy one would have to have an open mind and be willing to look beyond the hype and big media bias . probably inconvenient if not difficult for some.

Sunday Morning

After watching some of Sunday Morning on CBS, What used to be an amazing program, I was going to post on just how bigoted and backward the political left and in particular it’s media lazies have become. But instead , I’ll look forward to the coming inauguration , the positive change it will bring, the promise of finally, honesty and integrity in the White House. Finally a President for all of America, no mater your race, creed or color. A president not be holding to anyone. Someone who literally relinquished everything to run for and become the President of the United States. A populist President ( maybe the first since TR) Good luck to him and to ALL of us.