‘83 was quite the year.

Regan was in charge, gas was $1.20 and Michael Jackson was on the FM with Thriller. And not to be outdone, Alice FINALLY (after a year and a half) said yes and we were married.

July 30th 1983

It was one hell of a blow out. In Vickie and Al’s backyard, surrounded by friends and a rowdy Old English Sheepdog! It was epic! If I remember, we were the last to leave. Youth does have its advantages 😉

Through the good times and the tough, we stood together, leaning on the strength of each other.

Some thought it would never last, I guess we’ll have the last laugh!

Happy Anniversary to us and to the love of my life, my only regret is we didn’t marry sooner ❤️

The halcyon days

Constitution quiz

 Those were halcyon days!  The nation was new, but was in danger of falling apart.  President Washington was calling for a drastic revision of the government.  It was against that backdrop that Alexander Hamilton organized the Constitutional Convention to be held at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on May 25, 1787.

 Hamilton knew that something had to be done to keep the states from drifting apart.  The first idea was to revise the Articles of Confederation, but it soon became apparent that an entirely new document was needed.  Two of the most important Founding Fathers were out of the country.  Two others were so unhappy about the whole idea of a national constitution that they refused to participate.  Even at the end, some states were unhappy because there was no explicit listing of the people’s rights.

Even with all these distractions, it came together and Hamilton worked to get it ratified. He and John Jay published The Federalist– 85 essays in support of creating a central government. Later the “Anti-Federalists” got what they wanted: ten amendments to preserve the most fundamental rights of the people – and to limit the powers of the central government.