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Sunday Mornings and Sleeping In

I woke up this morning to the sound of what I thought was rain hitting the roof of the motorhome. Like rain on a tin roof, your tempted to roll over and sleep in. Then I remembered, I had left the awning out last night! Rain + RV awnings can lead to disaster so I jumped out of bed, threw on some jeans and headed outside expecting to get soaked while I retracted things and put up chairs. Imagine my surprise as I bolted outside and discovered that its not raining only foggy. As a light breeze moved the branches of our Oak and Ash the leaves, heavy from the fog came raining down. Millions! Covering the RV, the car, the drive and the yard, The same yard I spent the afternoon yesterday raking and mowing. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here so…

I think I’ll have another cup of coffee, and watch it”rain”..


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