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All About Me,(aka JoDon)



I’ve been accused of a lot of things in my day, being at a loss of words was never one of them… until now.

I guess the point of a page like this is to tell a bit about yourself. Shameless self promotion.

O.K. here goes.


Obvious to some, I’m a born and raised Native Texan. I like pointing this out ’cause it seems I turned out to be the Black Sheep of the clan.

For as far back as we know (or care to look) I am the one Henderson/Hitchcock to not be born in Louisiana.Or at least the first in a long time.

I’ve got a couple of second cousins that were born somewhere else but they don’t count. At least not for the purpose of this page. It’s all about ME, remember?

I can’t think of a better place to be from or in. Really. I’ve been to other places for sure, and most are pretty nice, but it’s always a special feeling passing through or flying over that state line coming home.

This Blog is really a work in progress. A lot like me. Everyone’s in a constant state of change and I am not immune.

So what you get while here is an eclectic mix of stuff I think is important. Stuff I just like. and sometimes just the B.S. that rolls across a fertile mind.

He’s really much better at this than I. Years of practice telling people what they need to hear.

More later as I figure it out.



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