Sunday Funday ( Happy Trails )

Introducing Rocky

What a week. We were headed to Florida for business when Alice gets the call.

A transport is needed from our neck of the woods to Houston. Of course, we said sure!


So, after flying back from Orlando Saturday evening, it’s back on the road to bring this

handsome guy to GBGRR.

Rocky’s owner had passed away and a nice family had brought him to their home. After a few weeks they decided to reach out and find a furever home for this sweet guy, enter GBGRR and us.

On his way to a new beginning
On his way! This boy won’t be without a furever family for long! That’s a sure bet!

And now to get our “kids”. They’ve been at the Kennel ( a suite No less ) for four nights, and we’re ready to head home 😉

Goof by
Hurry! Up!!!
Almost home

Thanks again to Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue for all you do, and allowing us to be a part!

Mid-Week Puppy 🐶 Tail

Cuteness Overload

Getting a call from GBGRR is always interesting.

It seems these siblings needed a lift from Bridge City to Houston.

So here we go. We’ve been warned, “y’all are picking up three and you better deliver three!” All in good fun , but we grudgingly agreed.

An easy trip and the babies mainly slept the entire trip,…after a bit of whining 😢

“Are you sure we can’t take them home?” “ Yes Alice, we promised,,” 😇

So the two sisters and their brother are off to the fosters to begin their new adventure with GBGRR . Adopting these kids won’t be a problem 😉

Thanks for nothing Joe

More people died in Texas over the last two years from Fentanyl overdose than died from firearms, car accidents or COVID-19.

What has our president done to stop this tragedy from happening? The answer is nothing. He’s made it worse by keeping the southern border wide open. He’s more concerned with protecting other countries borders than our own. And soon he and the rest of the Democrats ( read Hillary, Pelosi and others ) will be sending your sons and daughters to fight overseas….again.

Fact check me.

This increase in deaths and the suffering of their families happened on your watch Biden!

Their blood and suffering is on YOUR HANDS PRESIDENT BIDEN.

Fix it. Or face the consequences